1.What is AIRDesigner?

AIRDesigner (AI Rule Designer) comes with a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art AI technologies including expert system, decision tree, behavior tree, fuzzy rule and state machine. Through the lego-like graphical building blocks , user can design the behaviors of game character seamlessly via a series of drag and drop functionality.

This allows even non-programmers such as game designers to define, design and modify the AI rules of game characters quickly. Moreover, AIRDesigner can be contributed as part of the game to provide human player with the capability of defining decision process and behaviors of game characters.

AI Rule Designer (AIRDesigner)

  • Rule Designer Studio
  • Graphical Editor to design AI rules without doing any coding


Drag and Drop

Design AI rules using intuitive Drag and Drop building block feature

Properties and Design Panels

modify AI rules using Properties Panel to modify building block properties

5 Different AI Architectures

3.Video demo

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