Flocking behaviour refers to the ability of how characters move as a group. Such behaviour is widely seen in nature, as an aggregate motion of a flock of birds, a herb of land animals, or a school of fish. Funded by the Media Development Authority – Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, the Centre for Computational Intelligence team in the School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, has developed a Flocking Animation and Modelling Environment (FAME) as a C# library package for further research pertaining to flock modelling.

A.What is FAME?

FAME (Flocking Animation Modeling Environment) is a comprehensive C# software library package providing extensive soft formation control over large flocks of virtual agents. While many existing available libraries provide means to create flocks of agent equipped with simple steering behavior, none so far, to the best of knowledge, provides an easy and hassle free approach to control the formation of the flock. Besides the basic flocking mechanisms, FAME provides an extensive range of advanced features that gives enhanced soft formation control over multiple flocks.

These soft formation features include defining flocks in any user-defined formation, automated self-organizing agent within formation, manipulating formation shape at real-time and bending the formation shape naturally along the curvature of the path. FAME thus not only supports the research studies of collective intelligence and behaviors, it is useful for rapid development of digital games which can enhance realism in games. Particularly, the development cost and time pertaining to the creation of multi-agent group formation can be significantly reduced.


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