Application Download: Symbiotic Evolution

The package includes the implementation of Symbiotic Evolution algorithm, published in “Minh Nghia Le, Yew-Soon Ong, Yaochu Jin, Bernhard Sendhoff: A Unified Framework for Symbiosis of Evolutionary Mechanisms with Application to Water Clusters Potential Model Design. IEEE Comp. Int. Mag. 7(1): 20-35 (2012)”, Software Download:

Application Download: Self-Adaptive Memeplexes Robust Search

The package includes the implementation of Self-Adaptive Memeplexes Robust Search algorithm, published in “X. S. Chen, L. Feng and Y. S. Ong, A Self-Adaptive Memeplexes Robust Search Scheme for solving Stochastic Demands Vehicle Routing Problem”, International Journal of Systems Science, Accepted, 2011″, Software Download:

Memetic Algorithm Package

This is a Memetic Algorithm package implemented using C++. The design aims for high performance speed. The package works also as a foundation class library, supporting the implementation many variants of Memetic and Evolutionary Algorithms, those including multi-meme, multi-population, multi-coding EAs/MAs.

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