Memetic Computing Society

Memetic Computing Society (MCS) is a registered body under the Registry of Societies, Singapore. The objectives of the Society are as follow:

  1. To promote high quality research in Memetic Computing for the domains of learning, control, adaptation, and optimization.
  2. To steer the field beyond current activities (seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.) towards innovative research and development (R&D).
  3. Offer awards and other honors to encourage contributions in R&D and other scholarly endeavours; confer awards and other honours in recognition of meritorious contributions to the field.
  4. To promote lawfully the industrial and professional welfare of the members and to execute any purpose which the Executive Council deems to be reasonably ancillary, incidental to or consequential on any of the objects herein set forth: Provided always that these objects are promoted in accordance with these Articles and any relevant laws prevailing in the Republic of Singapore.
  5. The establishment, purchase or operation of, or participation in any manner, in any undertaking, including that of printing or publishing any reading material, on a cooperative basis or otherwise of furthering the interests of the Society generally provided that such activities shall be in accordance with any relevant laws prevailing in the Republic of Singapore.

Meme is essentially the fundamental unit of information, analogous to the gene in emerging evolutionary theory of culture. In the field of computer science or engineering, a meme can be considered as a unit of information represented as codes, knowledge, procedures, patterns, rules, or any other domain-specific building blocks that enhance the problem-solving capacity of a solver. As such, methods or schemes configured in a computing platform that draw on the principle of meme as a building block in problem-solving is termed as memetic computing.

The income and property of the Society whensoever derived shall be applied towards the promotion of the objects of the Society as set forth in its Constitution and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend or bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to the persons who at any time are or have been members of the Society or to any of them or to any person claiming through any of them.

The registered address of MCS is “28 Maxwell Road, #02-15a, Red Dot Traffic, Singapore 069120”.

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